Colonia de Sacramento Uruguay

One Day Trip to Colonia Uruguay  
ferry buquebus buenos aires colonia uruguay

Buenos Aires to Colonia: Things you Need to Know

Tips for your trip from Buenos aires to Colonia + FAQ   What Time Should I Arrive at the Buquebus Ferry Port? Your ticket says 2 hours but I think 1...
no hay monedas

Why is so hard to get coins “monedas” in Argentina

It is very common to see shops in Buenos Aires having a hand written sign declaring "No Hay Monedas". No Coins. Which meant if you didn’t have exact change...
Argentina Holidays

Holidays Celebrations in Argentina

Holidays in Argentina are very important times to be around loved ones. While there are many holidays celebrated in similar tradition all around the world, there are some traditions...

Salsa Sundays in Puerto Madero

Salsa in Buenos Aires     Once upon a time, on a Sunday evening, I was strolling along the reserva in Puerto Madero. Just another regular night in Buenos Aires, right? Suddenly,...
Learn Spanish in Argentina

Busting the Negative Myths of Argentine Spanish

Learn Spanish in Argentina   For people interested in travelling to Central or South America and taking a Spanish immersion learning course, one of the biggest decisions to make is figuring...